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About The Trip

Chabura Spotlight: Efrayim Saks

NCSY Staff August 16, 2019

Efrayim Saks has just finished his first year learning in Israel at Yeshivat Hakotel. Efrayim went to TABC for high school and Yeshivat Noam for elementary and middle school. Efrayim has gained a tremendous amount from his education over the years and he is excited that he has share so much of what he’s learned.
Efrayim’s chabura is made up of 4 very special NCSY’ers from New York and New Jersey. Zack (HALB) is from Woodmere, New York; Avraham (RYNJ) is from Teaneck, New Jersey; Reuven (YKLI) is from Woodmere, New York and Kalman (YKLI) is from Cedahurst, New York.
The chabura goes through an array of topics, primarily focussing on Parshas Hashavua, Tisha Bi’av and Shemonah Esrei. The material is thought provoking and engaging, and enhances each kid’s understanding of the Parsha, Tisha B’av and davening.
Each member of the chabura was asked the following question: “What aspect of high school/8th grade are you most looking forward to?
These were their responses:
Kalman- “graduating middle school.”
Zach- “the excitement of going to a new school.”
Avraham – “getting closer to becoming a dentist.”
Reuven- “the new rebbiem and learning opportunities.”