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About The Trip

A Shabbos in Cleveland

NCSY Staff August 19, 2019

Shabbos in Cleveland, Ohio started off with a bang, as we joined The Green Road Synagogue for a beautiful Kabalas Shabbos, followed by the Friday night meal in the social hall complete with delicious food, divrei Torah, and zemiros. After the seudah, we heard a schmooze from Rabbi Menachem Tennenbaum, the Regional Director of Central East NCSY, followed by a tisch filled with tremendous ruach and energy. At the tisch, we had the privilege to hear words of Torah from Rabbi Avery Joel, the principal of The Fuchs Mizrachi School in Cleveland. The NCSY’ers then headed back to their hosts to go to sleep. Shacharis on Shabbos morning began at 9 am in the Young Israel of Greater Cleveland, and was highlighted by RTC members campers and staff members davening for the amud and leining, in addition to the Shabbos Derasha being delivered by our Director, Avi Rosalimsky. We then had the Shabbos day seudah at The Young Israel. After a Shabbos afternoon break full of well-deserved rest, playing games, and hanging out with friends, we met back in The Green Road Synagogue for a schmooze given by Rabbi Pinchas Landis, the founder and Director of Partners in Torah in Cleveland. We then davened mincha, followed by a joint shalosh seudos with the Cleveland community and words of Torah given by the Rabbi of The Green Road Synagogue, Rabbi Binyamin Blau. We then davened Maariv, headed back to our hosts to pack up, and then returned to the Shul for our end of summer banquet. The banquet featured a delicious Chinese dinner/melava malka, trophy presentations to the league and 3×3 tournament champions, a staff-made game of RTC Family Feud, a comedy skit made by the staff, the end of summer video, and presentations of Seforim and swag to the staff and NCSY’ers alike. It was a beautiful ending to what was was truly an incredible summer!