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About The Trip

Chabura Spotlight: Jonathan Malove

NCSY Staff August 19, 2019

Jonathan Malove is from Miami, Florida and he is thrilled to have been a madrich on RTC’s first summer. He is a recent graduate from the RASG Hebrew Academy in Miami Beach and next year he plans on attending Yeshivat Shaarei Mevaseret Tziyon. Jonathan spent the previous two summers as a camper on NCSY Kollel and this summer, he enjoyed the opportunity to give back as a madrich on NCSY RTC.

This summer Jonathan’s chabura had 4 incredible post 8th grade boys. Shabtai from Sharon, Massachusetts, Yosef from Teaneck, NJ, Eytan from White Plains, NY, and Jeremy from Cedarhurst, NY.

Now to focus on the learning! Jonathan’s chabura was unique in that it didn’t have one specific underlying theme. Rather every chabura lesson was unique in its own regard and they all individually focused on different ideas. The main way Jonathan created his chabura lessons was by reflecting back on what challenges his Judaism faced when he was in high school. He created his chaburahs with the intention of educating, empowering, and inspiring each NCSYer.

At the end of RTC, Jonathan’s chabura took time to reflect back on the summer. In the reflection, each of the guys was asked “What did you learn in our chaburah that will help you in the future?”
Yosef – “To channel all of my actions to serve Hashem and to live my life in a way that is L’sheim Shmayim.
Jeremy – “Impriving in the area of mitzvos bein adam l’chaveiro, by treating others nicely.”
Eytan  – “To improve in the area of ‘Veahavta Lereacha Kamocha.’”
Shabtai – “To help others and to focus my actions on helping Klal Yisroel bring Moshiach as soon as possible.”