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Chabura Spotlight: Shmuel Bak

NCSY Staff August 19, 2019

Shmuel Bak is enjoying his time on RTC. Shmuel went to TABC for high school and is currently studying in Yeshivat Sha’alvim in Eretz Yisrael. Shmuel has 6 awesome campers in his chaburah: Avi (Teaneck, MTA), Yehuda (Teaneck, MTA), Aron (Teaneck, MTA), Shmuel (Teaneck, TABC), Ephraim (Montreal, HA of Montreal), and Assaf (Woodmere, DRS).

Shmuel’s chaburah is learning about a combination of important middos to focus on, interesting halachic questions, and different personalities throughout the gemara.

Shmuel asked his chaburah: “Who’s your favorite Marvel superhero, and what middah can you learn from him?”
Assaf said: “Captain America, because he always puts others’ needs before his own.”
Ephraim said: “Spiderman, because he’s friendly, smart, and hard-working.”
Shmuel said: “Antman, because he does whatever is needed to protect his family.”
Avi said: “Dr. Strange, because he is a surgeon so he saves lives.”
Aron: “Black Widow, because she gives up her own life to save everyone else.”
Yehuda said: “Iron Man, because he tries to better himself while caring about others.”